I grew up in the Rogue Valley, near the California border in Southern Oregon. It was a beautiful place to grow up, surrounded by mountains, trees, lakes, and rivers.


From the mountains to the ocean I was fortunate enough to attend university on the California central coast. I have adopted the philosophy that I will not stop learning while my heart is beating and my brain is thinking.


I have always been able to push past the limitation of my own knowledge. I find solutions, whether I know the answer right away or not.


Though we may be in different places, the waves we have ridden together have left grooves and impressions in my heart. Thank you for your impact, and inspiring me to get outside more often.

Dedicated to the memory of John Walker
1995 - 2018


Nothing brings me joy like the laughter of my niece and nephew. I always strive to be a stand up comedian in their eyes.


Something my Pop always tells me; "you gotta have fun". Simple statement, but the truth of the matter is that I will do so much better at the things I have fun with.